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Marketing Strategy

We are expert B2B brand storytellers. Whether defining your firm’s values, articulating a memorable positioning statement, developing foundational marketing materials, or crafting a practical social media strategy—SoloPortfolio has the intelligence and experience to polish and promote your professional service brand.

Among the areas where we can help:
  • Convene a team of designers and writers to define your brand, craft your company’s message, and create a portfolio of print & digital identity materials.
  • Analyze your firm’s position in your marketplace to develop a strong differentiation strategy.
  • Conduct social media audits—including monitoring—to verify the practicality and return on digital investments.
  • Work with your in-house marketing team to tune-up your existing marketing portfolio and refuel your business development engine.

Market Research

SoloPortfolio offers competitive research and marketplace analysis to inform branding, strategic decision-making, and business development.

Some examples of engagements include:
  • Canvass your competitive landscape to learn more about important trends, next-horizon threats, or marketing innovation.
  • Research the viability of new business acquisition or service line launch.
  • Conduct qualitative research as part of change process or rebranding strategy.
  • Lead client or lost-prospect interviews to identify hidden competitive advantages as well as areas for improvement.

Content Marketing

Content is the new relationship engine, and content marketing for professional service firms is our specialty. The SoloPortfolio team has expertise in foundational business disciplines such as finance, accounting, business development and talent management. With this background, we are able to create smart, sophisticated content portfolios—both print and digital—to showcase our clients’ intelligence and leadership.

Content assignments include, but are not limited to:
  • Research and write reports about breaking news or emerging business trends that matter to your clients.
  • Write smart by-lined articles for PR placement.
  • Develop high-energy social media content, from blogs and webinars to ebooks and enewsletters.

Information Design

Our clients work with complex information, and our job is to convey this knowledge with intelligence and simplicity. We believe information design is a key competency for professional service firms and we integrate this thinking into every step of our marketing process. We have helped our clients to:

  • Develop consistent iconography for often-used services or processes.
  • Capture complex ideas and relay them with cunning simplicity. Our clients use our beautiful infographics for branding, marketing, business proposals, and client engagements.
Industries Served
  • Financial Services
  • Management Consulting
  • Talent Management
  • Legal
  • Advertising and Media
  • Healthcare